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We believe, at the root of every disharmony lies an opportunity to heal. By providing tools to help your body unleash its own innate healing ability, we create a space for your body to release from the blockages that manifest as chronic and acute disharmonies. Through the use of acupuncture, cupping, guasha, moxabustion and herbs, we help guide you on the path to recovery and relief. Services offered are open to all walks of life. 

Jennah Black, Dipl. OM, L.Ac., MSOM is a graduate of  Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in Evanston, Illinois. Jennah holds certification in NADA protocol, which specializes in the treatment of PTSD, anxiety and addictions. She also has over four years of experience in treating other ailments, including pain, digestive issues, headaches, nausea and menstrual irregularities. As a graduate student, she interned at Stroger's Hospital Pain Clinic. Jennah also spent a summer at China's Guangzhou University, completing an Advanced Course in Chinese Medicine. 

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


Acupuncture has been used for over 5,000 years. It is an ancient form of medicine that uses fine stainless steel needles to help heal the human body from disharmonies such as;  chronic and acute pain, stress, anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, gynecology disorders, low back pain, rashes, asthma, nightmares, allergies, migraines, infertility, low energy, sleep regulation, and more. The needles are as fine as a piece of hair, and are inserted into specific points along the body to help free the flow of qi, our body's energy source that keeps everything in balance. 

Cupping is one modality of Chinese Medicine that is used commonly in the treatment of pain. Your practitioner will use small round glass cups along with heat to create a suctioning effect while placing the cups along areas of your body that have presented with pain. Common areas on the body that are beneficial for cupping are; shoulders, upper and lower back, thighs and calves. Cupping is scientifically proven to increase the circulation of blood thereby increasing oxygen flow to the targeted body area, relieving pain and inflammation. 


Moxabustion, also known as the Chinese Herb Mugwort, is a modality of Chinese Medicine that is used mainly to help boost the immune system. It can also be used for digestion issues, as well as localized pain from breaks and/or trauma. Small cones of moxa are burned directly on the skin, allowing the oils of mugowrt to absorb into the body. This therapy can leave orange stains on the skin that do fade away within a few days from treatment. 


Gua Sha translates into "Scraping skin to bring out the sha". "Sha" is the name of the marks that are a response of this type of treatment. Your practitioner uses special tools made out of porcelain, buffalo horn, jade and other stones to scrape areas of the body to release heat, move  blood and relieve pain. This modality is recommend to those who experience chronic pain especially in the joints, sports injuries, those with a cold or flu as well as acute soreness. Often, you will have small like bruises and red/ purple skin for a few days after treatment.



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